Low Countries History Award

The Low Countries History Award was established by the Royal Netherlands Historical Society (KNHG) in 2015 and constitutes a tri-annual best article award of the journal BMGN – Low Countries Historical Review. The award consists of a prize of €1.500 and a one year subscription to the printed edition of the journal. The price will be awarded for a third time at the Historicidagen 2022 of the KNHG, held between 25-27 August at the Erasmus University Rotterdam. The three nominated articles are:

  • Dieter Bruneel & Leon Wessels, ‘Verenigd maar verdeeld. Constitutionele debatten over jacht en eigendom in het Verenigd Koninkrijk der Nederlanden’, BMGN 134:4 (2019), pp 4-32.

  • Christina Reimann, ‘“Behaviour and Morality have Remained Irreproachable, and his Commercial Reputation is Good”. Applying for Naturalisation in Late-Nineteenth-Century Antwerp and Rotterdam’, BMGN 136:3 (2021), pp 3-30.

  • Dennie Oude Nijhuis, ‘The Puzzle of Dutch Welfare Solidarity and the Politics of Old Age Pension Reform (1945-1975)’, BMGN 136:4 (2021), pp 58-80.